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For Finland both Export and Import figures up in January-July 2021 comparing to same period 2020. The exports value of wood-products industries was EUR 2.08 billion in January-July. The exports value of sawn goods increased by 52% and volume 18%. For plywood the exports value increased by 22% and volume by 27%. Export value of pulp and paper industries was EUR 5.45 billion. In July 2021, 1.06 million cubic meters of wood was imported to Finland. In January-July wood imports totaled 7.58 million cubic meters and increased from same period previous year by 4%. Of imported wood 56% was pulpwood, 33% chips and 3% logs. Compared to the same period previous year the imports of pulpwood increased by a tenth and chips decreased by 3%. Latvia is one of the significant exporters od pulpwood and biomass to Finland. My colleagues from sister company informed me on its products trends. Softwood fiber costs were generally higher worldwide in the 2Q/21 despite an increase in the supply of residuals from sawmills in Europe. Over the past year, softwood fiber costs have gone up worldwide between 5% and 20%, except for in the US and Germany, where wood chip prices have fallen substantially.

This is an unusual time of year for solid wood building material prices to be rising in United States. As the end of September approached, the demand and sales of construction framing dimension softwood lumber improved significantly in U.S. Sellers reported consistent inquiry and takeaway across the country. Sawmills were booked between two- to three-weeks out, with shipping delays scuttling any notion of prompt wood and adding up to a fortnight to established order files. Both primary and secondary Western Spruce-Pine-Fir suppliers reported robust demand this week. Sawmill order files were two- to three-weeks out as any available prompt wood was gobbled up by ravenous customers. In August 2021, United States’ imports of plywood soared 47.6% y-o-y to 622.3 Km3, the value of imports jumped 93.0% to $423.2 mio. Imports of softwood lumber downed 3.3% y-o-y to 3,053.1 Km3, the value of imports increased 13.3% to $796.8 million. United States’ exports of wood pellets increased 10.6% y-o-y to 647.9 ktn, the value of exports upped 24.6% to $90.4 mio. Average price of wood pellets expanded 12.7% to $139.6 per ton.

In August 2021, Russia’s exports of lumber decreased 7.3% y-o-y to 2,636.8 km3, the value of exports increased 65.5% to $627.4 mio. Average price of lumber jumped 78.6% to $237.9/m3. In August 2021, Russia’s exports of wood pellets fell 21.3% y-o-y to 189.3 ktn, the value of exports declined 30.9% to $21.1 million. Average price of wood pellets declined 12.1% to $111.4/mtn.

Although Vietnam’s W&WP exports grew by more than 62% (year-on-year) in the period January–June 2021, they have been curtailed since then by a fourth wave of the COVID-19 , which has disrupted supply chains. Many factories have been forced to close due to strict social distancing, and W&WP exports have fallen sharply. Nevertheless, factories are expected to operate at reasonable production levels from the end of September as vaccination rates increase, and trade is expected to recover. The total value of W&WP exports was estimated at US$750 million in September 2021, down by 35% compared with September 2020.

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