The Enecon is a Latvian timber trading company located in Riga. The company’s business is based on building a channel between the European and Asian markets for supplying wood products, mainly dried coniferous sawn timber (spruce and pine). The company’s main asset is the professional and enthusiastic team which is doing excellent work and creates around itself a friendly atmosphere. SIA Enecon team has over 15-year experience in the woodworking industry and has gained the reputation of a strong and reliable partner for the customers.

The Enecon is involved in sales of timber from many factories located in Russia/Baltics/Belarus. They have over 30 producers in our region which produce sawn timber. The company accumulates material for the partners in the port of Riga (Latvia) and S.Petersburg (Russia) and ship by vessels to China, Korea, Maldives, India, and Pakistan.